StatisticaMedica Leadership

Under Gloria’s leadership and strategic direction, StatisticaMedica continues to grow its Biostatistics and Consulting Services, with expertise in advanced statistical methods and study design. Gloria provides expert-level input and advice to sponsors on study design and regulatory requirements, including attendance at notified regulatory body meetings (FDA and EMA) in a Senior Biostatistician advisory role.

As Director of Biostatistics, Gloria contributes at a senior level to various aspects of biostatistical design and analysis, overseeing the statistical validity of trial data and quality processes for deliverables. She provides strategic direction for company operations, including development of resource capacity and capabilities. Furthermore, Gloria provides strategic direction for innovative statistical methods for complex study design and novel therapeutic and diagnostic areas of analysis, e.g., use of simulation for in silico trials. Gloria is a Scientific Advisor to the EU IMI initiative and is a member of several Data Monitoring and Safety Committees for innovative drugs (e.g., for rare paediatric diseases) in the EU and US.

Industry and Academia

Gloria has 25 years of experience in Biostatistics and Mathematical Biology, both in academia and industry, in Europe and the USA. She has led international groups of scientists, including biostatisticians, mathematicians, bioinformaticians, data managers, health economists, clinicians and programmers, in supporting the methodological and biostatistical needs of health research.

For 15 years, Gloria was Lecturer in Statistics and Mathematics, School of Science and Computing, ITT Dublin, Ireland. She covered a wide range of teaching subjects, including Medical Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Mathematical Biology, Clinical Research, Statistics for Marketing, Operational Research, Management Science, Calculus and Engineering Mathematics.

Gloria served as Adjunct Professor at the Mathematical Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI), Arizona State University, USA for one year. In this capacity, Gloria presented lectures and workshops in Biostatistics at the Graduate School and was Visiting Professor to the Graduate Summer Program at the MTBI. She was also Co-Principal Investigator on international research projects in statistics and mathematics applied to health research. In addition, for one year Gloria was Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Data Science Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI). As Director of the new Data Science Centre, Gloria was responsible for setting up the statistical framework to provide statistical support to health research carried out within RCSI Ireland and internationally (Dubai, Bahrain and Malaysia).

Other key positions that Gloria has held include Director of CSTAR, the HRB Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research, Dublin, Ireland, and Founder and Director of Black Channel, an Irish-based initiative that specialised in the application of extreme statistics, using state-of-the-science study designs conducted in remote and challenging locations.

Collaborations and Contributions

Gloria has significant collaborations, both past and present, with centres of excellence nationally and internationally, including Harvard School of Public Health, Biometrics Department at Cornell University, and Arizona State University in the USA, and UCD School of Medicine and Health, and Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

Gloria has contributed extensively to publications, chapters, conference proceedings, research-based reports, and policy documents in a broad range of statistical and clinical research topics.

Gloria is a member of the Royal Society for Statisticians, a Chartered Statistician with CStat, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, and a Chartered Mathematician with CMath.