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About – Statistica Medica

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A few things about our company

StatisticaMedica was established in 2012 and has experienced rapid growth ever since, building its team of statisticians, bioinformaticians, clinical data managers, medical writers and regulatory experts as well as establishing an extensive network of clinicians, collaborations with research institutes and specialist partner organizations across Europe and the US.

Headquartered in Ireland and led by our CEO, Dr. Gloria Crispino, StatisticaMedica has extensive knowledge, experience and exposure to the complexities and nuances of the various health environments across Europe and North America. We focus on enhancing the quality of the data to support the effective delivery of results through each step of the development process, from bench work to clinical trials and observational studies.


What we do


Study Design, Adaptive Design, Protocol Writing, SAP, 
DMP, Sample Size Calculation, Sampling Methods, 
Questionnaire/CRF Design, Database Design


Statistical Analysis, Bioinformatics, ‘Omic’ analysis,
Data interpretation, Statistical Programming, in SAS and R, Tables, Figures and Listings, compliant with ICH guidelines


Proof of Concept, Regulatory Submissions support throughout the whole study process,
ICH compliant Clinical Study Reports, Commercialization strategy developement,
Publications, Policy Documents, Methodological Research

How we do it?

We provide a comprehensive suite of value–added services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, healthcare, food sectors in industry and academia which enable us to: