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Prof. Carlos Blanco – Scientific Advisor

Honorary Professor of Peadiatrics at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. 

Educational Details:

1962 1967 M.D. – Argentina
1968-1970 Residency Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina
1971 ECFMG  Number 148 993 9
1979-2009 Dutch Pediatrician
1982 Ph.D Thesis, Leiden, The Netherlands 
1990 Clinical ECMO specialist 
2007 Full Registration No: 310175 Medical Council Ireland 
2007 Specialist Registration Medical Council Ireland

Professional Work Experience Post PhD:

1982 - 1985 Director of Neonatology University Hospital,  University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
1985 1987 Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Director of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore USA
1987 1990 Visiting Research Fellow Department of Physiology & Biochemistry, Reading, UK
1987 2006 Professor in Pediatrics, Director of Neonatology, University Hospital,University Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
1987-2007         Division leader of Perinatal Medicine, later Developmental biology division within Research School Grow in University of Maastricht
1995-1997 Acting chairman , Department of Pediatrics, Univer¬sity Hospital, University Maastricht, the Netherlands.
1999 Holme visiting Professor, Dept OB/GYN, Univ College London, UK
2005-2006 Acting chairman , Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital, University Maastricht, The Netherlands
2006-2007 Staff Department of Pediatrics, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
2007 to date Visiting Professor, Department of Physyiology, University of Cambridge, UK
2007 to date Consultant Neonatologist National Maternity Hospital Dublin
2009 to May 2015       Director of Research National Children’s Research Centre
2010 Fellow College of Physicians Ireland
2010 to date Adjunt Professor of Pediatrics at UCD, Trinity College and RCSI

Publication Metrics (SCOPUS Metrics):

H-Index (SCOPUS) 31
Total Number of Peer Reviewed Primary Research Publications 159
Total Number of Peer Reviewed Primary Research Publications as First or Last Author 108
Total Number Review Articles 3

Five Most Impactful Publications (Authors, Date, Title, Journal, Volume, Pages; Journal Impact Factor; Number of Citations to date, Journal Quartile Rank for Discipline from Journal Citation Reports – available on line from library) 

Blanco, C.E., Dawes, G.S., Hanson, M.A. & McCooke, H.B. 1984. The Response to Hypoxia of Arterial Chemoreceptor in Fetal Sheep and Newborn Lambs. Journal of Physiology, 351: 25 37

o Journal Impact factor: 5.037
o Citations to date: 158
o Journal Quartile Rank:  Q1, 41/252

Van den Hove DL, Steinbusch HW, Scheepens A, Van de Berg WD, Kooiman LA, Boosten BJ, Prickaerts J, Blanco CE. 2006. Prenatal stress and neonatal rat brain development. Neuroscience. 137:145-55 
o Journal Impact factor: 3.357
o Citations to date: 105
o Journal Quartile Rank:  Q2, 95/252

Van den Hove DL, Blanco CE, Aendekerk B, Desbonnet L, Bruschettini M, Steinbusch HP, Prickaerts J, Steinbusch HW. 2005. Prenatal restraint stress and long-term affective consequences. Dev Neurosci., 27(5):313-20
o Journal Impact factor: 2.697
o Citations to date: 72
o Journal Quartile Rank:  Q2, 19/41

Ruijtenbeek K, le Noble FA, Janssen GM, Kessels CG, Fazzi GE, Blanco CE, De Mey JG. 2000. Chronic hypoxia stimulates periarterial sympathetic nerve development in chicken embryo. Circulation. 102(23):2892-7
o Journal Impact factor: 14.430
o Citations to date: 69
o Journal Quartile Rank:  Q1, 1/60

Bakker EC, Ghys AJ, Kester AD, Vles JS, Dubas JS, Blanco CE, Hornstra G. 2003. Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids at birth and cognitive function at 7 y of age. Eur J Clin Nutr. 57(1):89-95
o Journal Impact factor: 2.709
o Citations to date: 68
o Journal Quartile Rank:  Q2, 29/77